Five movies to watch when you need a boost

Five movies to watch when you need a boost

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It’s cold and grey, the night is falling early, the mood is strange, far from cheerful Christmas movies full of fun. This year, the holiday season was unprecedented, even a bit gloomy. But it’s time to bounce back and become joyful again to start 2021 with the most positive mindset possible. Here you’ll find a small non-exhaustive list of the five best movies to watch if you feel a bit down.

Silver Linings Playbook

Shot in 2012 by David O. Russell, this dramatic comedy depicts Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, funny, moving, and in tune with their characters. Pat, a bipolar man freshly out of jail and madly in love with his ex-wife, Nikki, meets Tiffany a widow and supposed nymphomaniac who just lost her job. As he learned Tiffany’s in touch with his wife, Pat accepts her deal: he’ll be her dance partner if she promises to pass a letter to Nikki. And that’s how this rather unstable duo starts a half-moving half-hilarious relationship in a movie acclaimed by critics, full of hope and energy.

The Greatest Showman

Just released and already cult, The Greatest Showman leaves no one indifferent. Shot by Michael Gracey in 2018 and nominated sixteen times the same year, this musical relies on five stars casting (Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron, and Michelle Williams), some breathtaking pictures, and a soundtrack sold around six millions times. You sing you laugh, you cry also sometimes while following the rise of the dreamer P.T. Barnum and his « circus » full of extraordinary men and women. A great message of love and tolerance, unfortunately still necessary today. I promise you’ll end the movie with a big smile.

Pitch Perfect

Not really inspiring this comedy promises to offer a good laugh. Don’t be afraid by the term « musical » or the girly teen-movie settings, The Barden Bella will probably take your breath away. Shot in 2012 by Jason Moore, Anna Kendricks finally let her Twilight role behind her and reveal corrosive humor and an amazing voice. Embarked in the feminine acapella team in her new university, you’ll discover with her a lineup of hilarious characters while listening to some very original covers that will stick with you for months.

Nowhere Boy

Everybody knows The Beatles, same for John Lennon but do you know the story about his childhood, how he met Paul McCartney? That’s what Nowhere Boy (released in 2009 by Sam Taylor-Johnson) takes you to learn. Aaron Taylor-Johnson as John depicts perfectly the uneasiness but also the motivation of teen failing at school, lost in his family and deeply moved by music, the decadent rock’n’roll listened to by his mom, resonating through him. Discover Liverpool at the end of the 50s and be inspired by this chaotic and emotional journey to a phenomenal success that made the history of music forever.

Asterix et Obelix : Mission Cléopatra

Okay, now we are far from the inspiring movie with proper moving morality. But sometimes you just want to put your brain aside and laugh. And to do that there is nothing better than this classical movie, a master-piece of french cinema (no I’m not exaggerating) shot in 2002 by Alain Chabat. Here in France we don’t need to present Christan Clavier and Gérard Depardieu playing Asterix and Obelix, freshly arrived in Egypt to help their friend Numérobis to build a castle in three months. Full of now cult quotes, it’s THE comedy for kids and adults, to watch for the first or the tenth times with the same pleasure, laying on your couch during a rainy day.

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