“Park Row”: A Batman-themed restaurant for the fans

"Park Row": A Batman-themed restaurant for the fans

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After having celebrated Batman’s 80th birthday last year all around the world, London is about to mark the occasion with the opening of an immersive restaurant. The new restaurant, called “Park Row”, is inspired by the adventures of Batman and, more generally, by DC Comics editions.

Coming after the Harry Potter Studios, this is a new place for new fans that is sure to be a hit in London. The capital will soon host a restaurant of a new kind, inspired by the adventures of Batman and other characters from DC Comics. The Art Deco-style restaurant, called Park Row, will have no less than five dining rooms and three bars.

Dinner shows

An English atmosphere, a room decorated in the colors of Harley Quinn, the Batcave, a meeting with the bad guys at “Old Gotham City” and at the “Iceberg Lounge”; guests will get their money’s worth, especially since dinner-shows are on the agenda. A total of 330 seats are planned. The standard rate would be around 53€.

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