The cast grow for the new season of True Detective

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Since we’ve learned about a third season for the TV anthology True Detective, fans waited only one thing : the cast members’ names. During Feburary new names slowly appeared on the cast.

The cast’s new members

Some actors were already announced to be part of True Detective’s third season. For example, Jon Tenney (The Closer), Rhys Wakefield (American Nightmare) and Michael Greyeyes (Woman Walks Ahead) will respectively be playing Alan Jones, Henry Hays and Brett Woodward. Now, we know the names of the actors and actresses who are gonna act alongside them.

First of all, Sarah Gadon, who had the leading role in Alias Grace, will be playing Elisa Montgomery in this third season. Emily Nelson, known for the role of Hannah in Code Black will be playing the part of Margaret. Ray Fisher, recently seen as Cyborg on Justice League, will also be a part of this cast and will be playing Freddy Burns, Wayne’s (Marhershala‘s character) son. The names of Brandon Flynn, who made himself known with his role of Justin in 13 Reasons Why and Michael Graziadei, who played Kyle Walker in the TV show The Lottery, among other things, also appeared on the cast for the parts of Ryan Peters and Dan O’Brien. And last but not least, Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep’s daughter, who played Julie in Ricki and the Flash alongside her mother, will be playing Lucy Purcell, a young mother who has to face a tragedy.

3 time periods for this season 3

Details about this new season’s scenario are still unclear, but we already know that this third season will talk about a exceptionnaly macabre crime in the Ozarks, Missouri. During this season we will meet a bunch of characters from 3 different time periods, who are all affected by this crime. Every time period will offer a piece of puzzle for this mystery, in one way or another.

In this day, the cast is almost complete and it is clearly filled with extremely talented actors and actresses. Between this great cast and an intriguing plot, it would seem that this season has everything it needs to be just as great as previous seasons. This is what we’re all hoping, at least.

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