Millie Bobby Brown in the spotlight with “The Girls I’ve Been”

Photo: France Knaff / Roster Con

“The Girls I’ve Been”, a Young Adult novel written by Tess Sharpe, will be adapted for the small screen, and more specifically for Netflix. Millie Bobby Brown, who became famous for her role in “Stranger Things” will be part of the cast… and of the production!

She is a well-known face of the small screen and for a good reason: Millie Bobby Brown became famous thanks to the television series “Stranger Things” since 2015. Ever since, she has become a major figure, both on sets and in magazines. Today, if the actress is back in the spotlight, it is because she is involved in a major project: the adaptation of Tess Sharpe‘s novel “The Girls I’ve Been”. Millie Bobby Brown will play the character of Nora O’Malley, the daughter of a crook, who will be taken hostage during a visit to the bank. Joining her on set will be Jason Bateman, who we already saw in “Ozark”.

Actress and producer

Besides starring in one of the lead roles, the 16-year-old teenager will also be in charge behind the scenes, where she will participate in the production of the feature film as a member of PCMA Productions. Shooting and release dates have not yet been announced. In the meantime, you can check out Millie Bobby Brown in “Enola Holmes”, which is scheduled for release in the U.S. this fall.

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