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La Case De Papel : Season 3 confirmed by Netflix

La Case De Papel : Season 3 confirmed by Netflix

Crédit Photo : Netflix

Some fans believed the fake news but La Casa De Papel will definitely be back for a 3rd season in… 2019. Netflix announced it on social media on April, 17. This decision was probably motivated by the fact that La Casa De Papel is known as « the most watch non-anglophone TV show » in Netflix’s history.

The VOD provider explained that most of the cast will be back in those new episodes. This announcement bothered a few fans who thinks that season 2 was a perfect finale for the show. This point of view was, for some time, shared by Alex Pina, La Casa De Papel‘s creator : « The show is born as a closed show : it’s a 136 hours long armed robbery. ».

Initially produced by Antena3, season 3 of La Casa De Papel will be airing exclusively on Netflix and Alex Pina will be back for screenwriting as well as behind the camera for this new season.

As a reminder : La Casa De Papel follow the story of a massive robbery conceived by El Professor (Alvaro Morte). The goal : 2,4€ billion in 50€ notes and all that, without shedding a single drop of blood.

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