13 Reasons Why: final season’s premiere date revealed

Photo: Netflix

On June 5, Netflix will air the fourth and final season of the 13 Reasons Why series adapted from the novel by Jay Asher. Although the plot remains secret for the moment, there is no doubt that there will be no shortage of emotion on the agenda.

It has now been confirmed: Netflix will release the final season of the 13 Reasons Why series on June 5. After three great seasons, the adaptation of Jay Asher‘s novel has reached its final stage. Despite the lack of a trailer, a video of the last reunion of all the actors has been put online to announce the occasion. It shows Dylan Minnette, Brandon Flynn and Alisha Boe shedding a lot of tears while the slow song by Lord Huron, which has become the emblematic music of the series, is playing.

The Graduation Ceremony

Although the plot of the fourth season has not yet been revealed, we already know that it will occur at the graduation of the students of Liberty High. Netflix simply announced that the students “will have to keep a dangerous secret buried and face heartbreaking choices that could impact their futures forever”. In the wake of bullying, suicide, and mass shootings, the series may very well address new groundbreaking topics relevant to teens.

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