Riverdale: People Convention Announces First Two Guests and New Dates for Rivercon 3

Photo: France Knaff / Roster Con

After having to postpone the third Rivercon due to the COVID-19 pandemic, People Convention has good news for Riverdale fans. In early October, the French organization unveiled the new dates for the event as well as the names of the first two guests for the event. Let’s take a closer look.

Originally scheduled for mid-2020, the Rivercon 3 had to be rescheduled by People Convention to a later date. This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been affecting us for many months. After working with the Riverdale actors’ agents, the French organization was able to agree on new dates for this event entirely dedicated to the CW series. If you are planning to attend this convention, you can therefore check the dates of May 22 and 23, 2021 in your calendar.

People Convention took advantage of the new dates announcement to also unveil the names of the first two guests. On the occasion of Rivercon 3, Riverdale fans will have the opportunity to see Lochlyn Munro and Marisol Nichols, the performers of Hal Cooper and Hermione Lodge. While Lochlyn Munro only participated in the first edition of Rivercon, Marisol Nichols has participated in all editions.

>> See pictures of Lochlyn Munro at the Rivercon.

>> See pictures of Marisol Nichols at the Rivercon & Rivercon 2

During Rivercon 3, these two guests will participate in panels, meetings, autograph sessions and photoshoots. Their extras, as well as access passes, can be found now at the official convention ticket office.

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