Emily in Convention

Emily in Convention

Photo: Netflix / Roster Con

Emily in Paris, this Netflix series is bound to ring a bell. Released a few days ago, she has since been laughed at on social networks for, among other things, the very stereotypical vision of the main character on Parisian life and the perfect beauty of the city. That’s all it took to give rise to several games on Twitter. We wanted to do the same by imagining Emily and her perfect life in convention. Small precision, it’s a humoristic article, to be read with a light mind!

Emily wins at the EuroMillions the day before the ticket office opens

The rest of the world checks her bank account every 10 minutes with the hope that an anonymous transfer will fall from the sky… No, well… Google.com… how much can you sell your kidney…

Emily can buy all the extras she wants, nothing is sold out!

The rest of the world has been doing F5, F5, F5 since 7:58 pm and sees sold out on the meeting of her favorite series’ star at 8:00 pm and 30 seconds, from the moment the page was first displayed.

Emily has been drawn to make the fanbook of her favorite actor

The rest of the world had already bought the book, had followed a scrapbooking training for 6 months, had made a model, a drawing, had ideas for a theme, a design, had inquired about all the actor’s hobbies and passions… but…. no…

Emily arrives at the event by cab and is dropped off at the door

The rest of the world arrived at the convention out of breath, sweating like crazy after spending 30 minutes in the subway under the armpit of the world’s tallest guy coming home from jogging.

Emily arrives at the event and doesn’t have to wait to get her pass and extras.

The rest of the world can see the queue from the exit of the subway…

Emily is placed in the front row, right in the middle of the panel room!

The rest of the world has the second tallest guy in the world (the first one was in the subway, editor’s note) sitting on the seat in front of him. But hey, leaning a little to the right and tilting his head 33.4° it works, right?

Emily is chosen to ask her question first during the panel

The rest of the world has had their arms up for 30 minutes, shakes it, moves their fingers, raises both arms, goes cuckoo, gets up, jumps, screams, dances the macarena but not… still not chosen to ask a question.

Emily goes in photoshoot in her beautiful dress, her perfect make-up, her high heels…

The rest of the world goes to photoshoot and stumbles over the dress on the way up the stairs, sheds a tear because of the blisters on their feet and arrives in front of the actor with the mascara on their cheeks.

Emily gets all her extras right on time

The rest of the world goes back and forth in the panel room to follow the announcements, check Twitter for a schedule, ask each staff member he meets … 45 minutes late … ok ….

So Emily has time to eat at noon

The rest of the world sees the minutes go by, the hour go by, the belly growl…. The last extra of the morning, quickly goes to the first restaurant… a McDonald’s ? 15 people in front of them… alriiiiight … 13h52, Big Mac menu in hand… YES ! So there are exactly 7min and 33 seconds left to eat….

Emily wins the group photo during the animations on stage

The rest of the world wasn’t even in the room during the animation because they were waiting in line for the toilet to make their one and only pee of the day.

Emily receives arm-length dedications from each star

The rest of the world is happy, they had a dedication with their first name on it !!! Well, there is a spelling mistake in it… but it’s not important… Let’s go on Google to see the procedure to change the spelling of your first name with the administration process…

Emily gets her photoshoots back: she’s perfect on all of them

The rest of the world with the left eye half closed on the first one, the smile of the joker on the second one and is not even in the frame on the third one but fortunately “it’s ok” on the last one.

Emily sheds a small tear at the closing ceremony, an actor comes to comfort her

The rest of the world cries all the tears of their body and comforts themselves with their own arms.

Emily gets to the train station early to catch her train home

The rest of the world runs through the hotel, the metro, Paris, the train station… and sees the train leaving before their eyes. It was the last one of the day? Oh….

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