The Official Once Upon a Time Reunion Convention – Whippany / New Jersey (2019)

Published on 8 May 2019 - Last update : 24 September 2019

Practical information

October 25th 2019 to October 27th 2019
Hanover Marriott, Whippany, New Jersey, États-Unis

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Review the convention

  1. Rosemarie Kelly (aunt roe) says:

    Convention was great. Will there be a 2020 one in new jersey

    1. RosterCon says:

      We’re not aware of an event in 2020,
      Best regards,

  2. Richard Brooke says:

    Do you guys have photo ops and autographs and selfies at this convention? Lana Parilla was in Utah at my home state and she left two hours early and I didn’t get a chance to meet her and I’m dying from a terminal illness and now found out I have cancer. So with the last few months of my life remaining I’m flying there to meet her.

    1. Alexandre says:


      You can retrieve the ticketing of this event here:
      You have the description of all passes and activities here:

      Best Regards

  3. Rosemarie Kelly (aunt roe) says:

    Will Colin or gil or Andrew be coming?

    1. Alexandre says:


      We don’t know but in the past they made conventions with Creation Entertainment.

      Best Regards

  4. Rosemarie Kelly (aunt roe) says:

    Any chance of Colin coming?

  5. Rosemarie Kelly (aunt roe) says:

    Love the conventions. Any chance of colin coming?

  6. Rosemarie Kelly (aunt roe) says:

    When will we start seeing guests and tickets?

    1. Alexandre says:


      Sorry, we don’t know.

      Best Regards

  7. Rosemarie Kelly (aunt roe)r says:

    Loved the last conventions. Will be there with friends. Can’t wait

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