Add your pictures from conventions on Roster Con

Add your pictures from conventions on Roster Con

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Did you know that you can send your pictures taken during Q&A on Roster Con ?


There are two ways :

  • Send your pictures by mail using a website like We transfer to Don’t forget to tell, in your message, at which convention the pictures were taken.
  • Register on Roster Con and send your pictures thanks to the sending form present on each page of passed conventions.

Why send your pictures?

  • To share them with the fans community. They’ll be gratefull, we’re sure of it !
  • To have a showcase for your photos
  • To promote your site, your blog, your social networks because we encourage you to put your copyright on the pictures. No stealing of pictures this way and a free promo!

You have a question? We’re here to answer! Send us an email at

Published on 2 February 2019 by - Last update : 2 February 2019

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