Earper Homestead Convention Canada (2019)

Published on 7 November 2018 - Last update : 25 July 2019


Practical information

Aug 9th 2019 to Aug 11th 2019
The Westin Toronto Airport, Dixon Road, Etobicoke, ON, Canada

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  1. Zhangxinyue says:

    I wish to meet Dominique Provost someday,she gives me strength to do everything. If she could see what I am writing there,I want her know ,I like her so much,and wish her acting career will be better and better,maybe she and Kat can have a corporation with Chinese actors,so I can meet her someday,I am doing jobs for Chinese actors. And I really wanna to take a photo with her,it is my dream,

  2. ZhangXinyue says:

    First I wanna to give you my thanks,thanks for giving us so great channel to know our favourite actors’ information. I am Chinese and live in China,so it is difficult for me to join activities that about my favorite actors,I just know them in ins. My favorite actress is Dominique Provost – Chalkley. Her smiles always make me feel happy to face most problems. Maybe she doesn’t know she has fans in China,but I really want her get to know that I am her Chinese fan,I know she is doing lots of social activities such as Start the Wave with Kat Barrell. I wish that you could have activities in China,because I want to join you. Thank you.