Riverdale : Mark Consuelos is the third guest of the #Rivercon 2 convention

Riverdale : Mark Consuelos is the third guest of the #Rivercon 2 convention

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After the announcement of two members of the Southside Serpent, the Riverdale event by People Convention will welcome a member of the Northside. Scheduled for June 1 and 2, 2019 in Paris, the RiverCon 2 event will be able to count on the presence of Mark Consuelos, the actor playing Hiram Lodge in the TV series since season 2.

The Americano-Spanish actor is also known for his roles in Night Shift, Queen of the South, Pitch, Kingdom, Alpha House, All My Children or 1-800-Missing.

Mark Consuelos is a guest included in the pass with extras. His autograph (25 €), his photo (45 €) and his meeting are available on the ticketing of the event, as well as those of the two other guests (Skeet Ulrich and Jordan Connor).

People Convention also said that they are in negociation with five new guest. Guests from the first edition and new ones. Who would you like to see or see again during RiverCon 2?

Published on 18 November 2018 by - Last update : 23 November 2018

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