Ragnarok a Norwegian Rendition of the Story of Thor: God of Thunder

Ragnarok a Norwegian Rendition of the Story of Thor: God of Thunder

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Ragnarok is the latest superhero series to hit the scene on Netflix. A hidden gem tucked away in a seemingly infinite library of Netflix titles, Ragnarok is turning out to be quite the showstopper. Granted, it’s designed for teen audiences but this hardly detracts from its appeal as a refreshing superhero entree. Ragnarok stars David Stakston as a Magne, an awkward teenager in a Norwegian town with his mom and quirky half-brother. Season One finished in 2020, and comprised just 6 episodes. The much-anticipated Season Two completed in 2021, again with just 6 episodes.

What Netflix managed to pull off was nothing short of amazing. With so many superhero series being boxed up and delivered to zombie-like audiences nowadays, there is substantial a degree of viewer fatigue creeping in. The story of Thor is one we all know well. The Norse God of Thunder is one of the most powerful superheroes, more powerful even than the Incredible Hulk. Of course, Thor is no meta-human, nor is he simply a superhero, he is a veritable God. His mighty hammer is indestructible and more powerful than any other weapon of war. Ragnarok tells the story of an age-old rivalry between the Giants and the Gods.

Pick Your Poison: Marvel Comics or DC Comics

Granted, not everybody is a Marvel superhero comics fan. Some folks prefer DC comics titles like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. Of course, Thor: God of Thunder is from the Marvel Comics universe, which is now proudly owned by Disney. The hero’s full name is Thor Odinson. He strikes fear in the hearts of evildoers across the Nine Realms and well beyond. For us mere mortals, we can attend Comic Con to live out our fantasies of being a superhero, or we can explore other venues such as playing online superhero games for real like Thor’s Lightning, with very real winning possibilities. But I digress, let’s get back to the story of the Jutul family…

This captivating tale takes place in a little-known Norwegian town alongside the fjords of Edda. This quaint enclave nestled between the mountains looks benign on the surface, but it is being poisoned from within. The Jutul family, headed by Vidar, and later his son Fjor are an ominous lots indeed. They aren’t your typical neighborly types. These are the Giants of centuries ago, masquerading as humans. Their evil intent is instantly apparent, as they practice their savage traditions and rituals in the mountains of Edda. As one might expect from an otherworldly tale, there are supernatural forces at work, and the characters in the story assume the spirits of the elders from thousands of years ago.

Meet the Norse God of Thunder in his Younger Years

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Yes, Magne is the young Thor: God of Thunder, and Laurits (Magne’s half-brother) is the young Loki, an untrustworthy, double-dealing, and deeply conflicted individual. The casting is sublime, and the main characters pull it off with aplomb. Yet, the short series is a tour de force in exceptional storytelling, because it comes from a different perspective. The Norwegian take on the story of Thor is compelling, refreshing, and crave-able. Every episode in Season One and Season Two is so thoroughly enjoyable, that it’s impossible not to finish both seasons within a day or two.

Now that Netflix audiences have been treated to this brand-new take on an age-old tale, we desperately want more of it. Season Three – if it happens – is one of the most talked about Netflix sequels. Audiences are craving more of the Rise of Thor and Loki, but we’re equally happy to learn more about the budding romance between Magne and Saxa. There’s just enough meat in the story to keep it wildly entertaining for adult audiences, but it’s the mythology that digs its hooks into you and reels you in like no other superhero story has been able to do. There’s something about the Nordic authenticity in the retelling of the story of the Norse God of Thunder. It simply works!

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