Julie and the Phantoms: the cast reveals their favorite songs from the series

Julie and the Phantoms: the cast reveals their favorite songs from the series

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On Saturday, February 20, 2021, fans of Julie and the Phantoms had a chat with Kenny Ortega, the creator of the series, and some members of the cast at Dream It At Home 8. It was the opportunity for them to discuss with the cast about the potential season 2 but also their favorite songs of the series. Here are the answers of Madison Reyes (Julie), Owen Patrick Joyner (Alex), Savannah Lee May (Carrie), Booboo Stewart (Willie) and Sacha Carlson (Nick).

Madison Reyes is the first to answer the question about her favorite song from Julie and the Phantoms. She mentions two of them equally: “The Other Side of Hollywood” and “All Eyes on Me”. Regarding this second song, the actress playing Julie highlights Savannah Lee May‘s performance and looks forward to seeing what Carrie will bring to season 2.

Owen Patrick Joyner admits that the first time he heard the song “All Eyes of Me” he thought it was the demo version, he didn’t recognize Savannah. For his favorite song, he also chose “The Other Side of Hollywood” because of his obsession with Cheyenne Jackson. Booboo Stewart and Savannah Lee May also choose this song.

Sacha Carlson mentions “I Got The Music”, a music that is “contagious” every time you listen to it. For Owen, “I Got The Music” has something that reminds him of High School Musical. Jadah Marie (Flynn) says it’s her dream to be compared to the Kenny Ortega saga, so she thanks Owen for the comparison. Owen admits that they should have also appeared with Charlie Gillespie (Luke) and Jeremy Shada (Reggie) in that song. For lack of time, they could not do it.

Kenny Ortega concludes by saying that it’s complicated for him to choose a song because every time they filmed a new one, it became his favorite. How to choose between “Wake Up” and “Emily”? How to choose between the two songs of Savannah? For him, it’s impossible.

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