Ginny & Georgia: Sara Waisglass reflects on her experience in the Netflix series

Ginny & Georgia: Sara Waisglass reflects on her experience in the Netflix series

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Sara Waisglass, the actress who plays Maxine in Ginny & Georgia, was attending the Dream It At Home 11 convention. The chance for the actress to answer to her fans and to come back on her experience in the Netflix series.

Her character of Maxine

When Sara Waisglass is asked what she likes best about her character Maxine, it’s hard for her to choose. However, she will admit that she loves her fierce loyalty to her friends, the fact that she puts her heart into what she does. In her opinion, this is something we should all do a little bit more.

Still on the subject of Maxine, she likes the fact that sign language, and deafness, is highlighted through her character and her surroundings. To learn sign language, she had to practiced a lot with a coach but also with Chris Kenopic, who plays the role of her father in the show, and Jennifer Robertson, who plays her mother and who also had to learn to sign. Jennifer talked about this learning phase in an episode of The Afterparty on Netflix by saying that it was much harder for her than for Sara Waisglass who seemed to learn everything quickly.

How she was cast for Ginny & Georgia

The actress who plays Maxine talked about her audition during the panel. A process that lasted a long time since she auditioned in May, then was called back six times every two weeks. After working with the team for a little while, she didn’t hear from them again. She was then called back for more tryouts and finally got the role of Maxine, which she considers to be the role of a lifetime.

To get the part, she ended up doing 46 different takes but admits she would have auditioned a million times if she had to.

During the convention, she also talked about the fact that it was nice to find Chelsea Clark on the set of Ginny & Georgia. An actress she had already had the opportunity to work with during the filming of Degrassi: Next Class and with whom she had to do her only chemistry reading during the casting process for Ginny & Georgia. The fact that they already knew each other was therefore an advantage for both actresses.

Her process for playing Maxine

Sara Waisglass pointed out that Maxine is unlike any character she has played before. Since she talks so fast, Maxine has tons of lines. So the actress is forced to know very well the scripts.

On the other hand, Maxine is very energetic and Sara Waisglass had to make sure that she was in the same state of mind. To achieve this, she ran, danced, did everything that could make her feel alive and give her the energy that Maxine needs.

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A love-interest for Maxine in season 2?

Sara Waisglass will confess that she has “no idea what’s going on with season 2. They haven’t told me anything.” She does hope, however, that Maxine will work on herself after her breakup: “I hope she works on herself a little bit first because she’s just gone through a breakup and I feel like she does need to be alone for a little bit and figure out how to love herself a little more.” Still, she adds that she would like to see her in love at some point because the person who makes you feel that way again after a first breakup holds a special place.

A musical episode in the future?

The series Ginny & Georgia is already guaranteed to return for a season 2. Will it offer us a musical episode? Sara Waisglass will answer this question by saying that many of the cast members dance and sing, so it could make sense. And you, are you in favor of such an episode ?

Sarah Lampert: an inspiration for Sara Waisglass

When Sara Waisglass was asked about her inspiration of the moment, the actress immediately mentioned Sarah Lampert, the creator of Ginny & Georgia: “She’s so young, this is her first project and she has created something that people have loved so much.”

She also said that she loves her personality and that she is an inspiration because she is a writer as well. According to her, creating a series that is as successful as Ginny & Georgia is not common and so she is very impressed with that.

The success of Ginny & Georgia

Speaking of success, has the success of Ginny & Georgia changed anything in her daily life? Sara Waisglass will say that thanks to Degrassi, in which she played Frankie Hollingsworth, she was already recognized on the street. Living in Canada, and more precisely in Ontario, she is still under strict confinement and cannot walk around without a mask, so she does not have the opportunity to be recognized for her character of Maxine.

However, thanks to Ginny & Georgia, she has seen her number of followers explode on social networks. She also talked about the fact that the series was ranked number 1 worldwide on Netflix for a very long time, which is extraordinary according to her.

More info

  • Four years after the end of her Degrassi adventure, Sara is still in contact with the members of the cast thanks to Instagram. They regularly comment on each other’s posts, congratulate each other for their respective jobs… She adds that she loves the cast and that Jamie Bloch (Yael) is her best friend.
  • Her song of the moment? She mentionned the songs of the album Sour of Olivia Rodrigo released on May 21, 2021. An album she hasn’t stopped dancing to since it was released. She also mentionned Falling by Léon.
  • Where would she like to travel? Her first answer is Los Angeles so that she can see her friends who live there and whom she has not seen for a very long time. She then mentions Italy, a country she has not yet had the opportunity to visit, unlike her mother and sister.
  • If she wasn’t an actress, what job would she like to do? She said forensic scientist because she would like to solve crimes and thinks that the scientific methods used to do so must be cool. However, she admitted that she probably didn’t have the grades to do it.
  • She knows some French because she studied the language when she was younger. She regrets not having continued. It is however on her to-do list.
  • She would love to do an action movie or to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • What song would she like to do as a cover? All Your Exes by Julia Michaels or a song by Olivia Rodrigo.

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