GeoGuessr: Explore the world through a game

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Do you like to travel? Do you think your knowledge of geography will allow you to recognize any corner of the planet? Then Geoguessr is perfect for you!

Anton Wallén, a Swedish developer, has created a game that has become very popular on the Internet. The principle is simple: you have to find out the location of 5 pictures chosen randomly from the Google Street View database. It is a sort of geographical “Where’s Wally?”.

This game, which can quickly become addictive, also allows you to discover the 4 corners of the world for free. Playing the game couldn’t be any simpler! Once you think you know the right location on the globe, click on the corresponding spot on the map and tap on “Make a guess”. The closer you tap, the more points you’ll earn.

Our advice: try to navigate around the image to find any clues (road signs, architectural design, climate, etc.). We have earned a significant amount of points by using this method.

Share your scores in the comments. Good luck and have a nice trip!

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GeoGuessr: Explore the world through a game
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