Spooky Con: A look back at the Twilight meeting with Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen)

Spooky Con: A look back at the Twilight meeting with Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen)

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The Spooky Con, organized virtually by People Convention, ended on a high note, offering Twilight fans a panel meeting with Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen). A look back at a 100% vampire panel.

Twilight’s success

As Peter was still making extras at the beginning of the panel, only Ashley Greene came back on the Twilight saga’s success. Alice Cullen’s interpreter says they knew from the beginning that they were part of something special. A feeling that was reinforced after the preview of the first opus. Still, she admits that she is surprised, but also grateful, that the fans are still there eight years after the end of this adventure. She is also delighted to see that these fans are “recruiting” new fans around them, especially by showing the film to their children.

For Ashley Greene, one of the reasons for Twilight‘s success is that fans can connect with any of the characters even if they are in the fantasy genre. She also emphasizes that there can be something irresistible about vampires. The Twilight saga was a wonderful world to escape to and Edward and Bella’s romance reinforced this appeal to fans because as teenagers we all dream of a love as strong as their own.

Their favorite movie in the saga

Both Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli cited the first Twilight film as their favorite movie. For Ashley, the first opus will always have a special place for her. It was her first real movie shoot and it was the beginning of an adventure that allowed her to grow and create real friendships. With this film, it was also the opportunity to see their work on the big screen for the first time, as well as the fandom and her reaction to the film. A great experience according to her.

For Peter, this film also has a special value as it is the beginning of a great adventure. According to him, there was a certain innocence in this film since nobody knew at the time that it was going to become such a phenomenon. Peter particularly remembers from this film the more intimate way of filming with Catherine Hardwicke, a bit like a documentary. An aspect he really appreciates.

Ashley Greene’s audition

Initially, Ashley Greene had very little information about the role she was to play, she just knew it was the role of a 17-year-old girl. After her first audition, her agent told her it was a book adaptation, so she decided to buy it. She confides that she immediately liked the story, and upon reading the books, she quickly assumed that the role of Alice was for her. As she read the books, her desire to play the role was reinforced.

Their relationship with the rest of the cast

Both consider the cast of Twilight as their family. As Peter confides, it is sometimes possible not to see or talk to family members for a while, but as soon as you find them, there is no discomfort, there is pleasure in seeing each other again. This is the case for them and is a sign of great friendship.

Ashley, as during her individual panel, specifies how difficult it is for them to get together again due to each other’s careers and their personal priorities, but that they are forever bound by the experience they had together during the five films.

More information

  • Any similarities with Alice and Carlisle? Ashley tries to live her life in a positive and optimistic way just like Alice does. Peter says that like his character, he knows what it is like to be a father, to have responsibilities but that there are also differences as he is still a big child. He adds, laughing, that despite being a big child, he sometimes feels like he is 350 years old just like Carlisle.
  • What could Carlisle’s power be? Peter says first of all that Carlisle has a power: his compassion. Later, he admits that it would be interesting to be able to fly or be invisible. And if Alice had to change her power, which one would be chosen by Ashley for her character ? If invisibility can be an interesting power, she finally decided on the possibility to read thoughts while keeping in mind that Edward may have suffered because of this gift.
  • Their dream roles? For Ashley, anything she hasn’t done yet is exciting. She would love to be in a Marvel style movie because she enjoys anything physical. Her favorite movie is Marie-Antoinette so she wouldn’t mind doing a vintage movie. For Peter, just like Ashley, he would love to make action movies like Marvel. He also agrees with Ashley that every new role has something exciting about it. For him, getting a script is like getting a Christmas present..

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