Space Walkers 5: Bob Morley and Jarod Joseph are the first guests of the The 100 Convention

Space Walkers 5: Bob Morley and Jarod Joseph are the first guests of the The 100 Convention

Photo: Diyah Pera / The CW

After a successful fourth edition, UltimEvents has decided to renew its The 100 convention and already announced its first two guests. Jarod Joseph and Bob Morley who play Nathan Miller and Bellamy Clarke will attend the Space Walkers 5 event.

Although Jarod Joseph is a guest included, Bob Morley is an extra guest. His extras are therefore available in limited quantities on the event ticketing. Here are the prices applied for the photos, autographs and meetings of the announced actors:

  • Jarod Joseph: 35€ for a photo / 20€ for an autograph / 80€ for a meeting
  • Bob Morley: 50€ a photo / 30€ an autograph / 140€ a meeting

We remind you that if you want to participate to the Space Walkers 5 convention and meet these two actors, you must have a pass. At the moment, four types of passes are available: Hundred pass (100€), Ark pass (230€), Sky People pass (470€) and VIP pass (2000€ – payment in 4 times possible). They are available for sale at the convention ticketing.

And for those who want to chat with other fans attending the event, you can join the following Facebook group:

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