Julie and the Phantoms : Owen Patrick Joyner and Booboo Stewart in France for a convention

Julie and the Phantoms : Owen Patrick Joyner and Booboo Stewart in France for a convention

Photo: Dream It Conventions

At the end of 2021, on December 18th and 19th, Dream It Conventions will organize a convention entirely centered on Kenny Ortega‘s universe and we already know the name of the first two guests.

To inaugurate its guestlist, the French organization has decided to invite Booboo Stewart and Owen Patrick Joyner. The two actors play in the series Julie and the Phantoms available on Netflix since September 10, 2020.

If this was Owen Patrick Joyner‘s first collaboration with Kenny Ortega, Booboo Stewart had already had the opportunity to work with the famous showrunner. Indeed, he also took part in the saga Descendants, another of his creations.

These two guests will attend the entire Back to the Musical World convention in Paris. Booboo Stewart will be a guest included in the passes while Owen Patrick Joyner will be an extra guest.

At the moment, the prices of the passes are not known yet. They should be revealed soon. Concerning the prices of the extras, Owen’s pictures should be available for 65€ each and Booboo’s for 45€. Autographs will be available at 35€ for Owen and 25€ for Booboo according to a tweet from the organizers.

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