Conventions: 10 things to do when you’re stuck at home

Conventions: 10 things to do when you're stuck at home

Photo: Jan Kosmowski via Pixabay

Considering the weeks of confinement ahead of us, we’re going to have to keep ourselves busy at home. Roster Con offers 10 convention-related ideas to keep your days busy. So, no more excuses, listen to the advice of the government and doctors: stay at home.


Organize your photos from previous conventions

Richard Rankin, César Domboy, Romann Berrux & Sophie Skelton - The Land Con 3 - Outlander
Whether the photos were taken during the panels, with friends or during photoshoots with the actors, this is the right time to sit quietly in front of your computer and sort through them. Which photos to keep, which photos to print, which photos to delete (none, right?). And you know what, you can even share your best photos on Roster Con by going to the page of that particular convention.

Inform yourself about upcoming conventions and organize a schedule

Some conventions have already a new date, others have not been rescheduled. It's worth taking a few minutes to check out all the upcoming events, see if you missed any, see if the new dates match your schedule and make a financial action plan.

Catch up on your favourite TV shows

Let's be honest, with all the series that have been coming out in the last few years, it's almost impossible to stay up to date. Well, with the lockdown, that won’t be a problem anymore. We could even go a little further and re-watch our favorite shows from the beginning. Hey, Friends season 1 episode 1... time to watch!

Discover new series

We're sure you have a list of series that you've always wanted to watch but didn't have the time. Well, now's the time. And if not, you can also check out the upcoming conventions in France and discover the series in which the actors who will be coming to our country in the near future have played. Some suggestions: Outlander, Versailles, Supernatural, Shadowhunters...



Create a book of your convention memories

Depending on your level of addiction to conventions, we might even suggest that you make one book per convention. What to put in it? Your photoshoots, photos of the event you found here and there, autographs, write down what you remember, your favorite moments, your anecdotes with the actors, ask the friends you met on the event to send you a short note related to your encounter... All this in a nicely decorated notebook. It can keep you busy for a few days!

Thoughts for a future fanbook

Melanie Scrofano - For the Love of Fandoms - Wynonna Earp
Whether you've already made one or not, now is the time to think about themes, designs and material to try your luck at making a fanbook for an actor who will soon be coming to an event you're attending. There are countless resources on the Internet to find ideas! Just in case: a fanbook is a book that a fan gives to an actor during the autograph session and that gathers messages from his fans.

Put together a cosplay

What better time to put together a cosplay than when you have so much free time in the evening, or even during the day depending on what you do. You have the time to learn how to sew (thanks to the tutorials on the internet), find the right materials and above all find the cosplay idea you want to create. Well... ok... it's not the easiest task in the world, but it's a nice challenge, isn't it?

Checking up on convention friends

A quick Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp... it's time to reconnect with your convention friends and catch up. Surely they'll be happy to hear from you!



Create a Twitter account "for a convention..."

One of your favorite series has no conventions in France yet? Create a Twitter account or a Facebook page so that a convention can be held on that particular series and, above all, involve a lot of people! Some organizations will be interested in an event with more than 1000 followers. It's worth a try! However, check beforehand if an account doesn't already exist. If it does, you can propose yourself to help motivate people!

Send a message of support to the organizations

Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you can send a small message of support to the organizations that need to reorganize the entire project they have been working on for many months. It will certainly cheer them up and motivate them during the coming weeks/months.

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