5 Tips to Make Traveling to Your Next Convention Enjoyable

5 Tips to Make Traveling to Your Next Convention Enjoyable

Photo: Erik Odiin via Unsplash

Are you looking for ways to improve your next travel experience to a convention or event? You’re not alone. Many of the events will not be close to where you live, so this means a lot of travel time for a day event. This is why it’s so important that you focus on making your travel journey enjoyable and productive. You can do this in many ways, and this article has five tips designed specifically for you. Whether you are catching the train to work or are flying, make sure to give them a try.

Tip #1 Play Games

During your journey, you can play games on either your smartphone, laptop, or tablet (whichever you carry with you). If you’re a fan of slots and card games, then the online casino games provided by Spin Palace are best for you. There are lots of other games available to play at the moment, too, with popular ones including:

  • Clash Royale
  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Pokémon Go

Remember to use earbuds if you’re on public transport so you don’t interrupt other people. Or, if you don’t have earbuds, you should put your phone on silent mode so that in-game sounds don’t cause disruption.

Tip #2 Organize Your Emails

Organizing your emails is a great way to pass the time while traveling. It will make your working life a lot easier for when you return after the convention, as you will no longer have to trawl through hundreds of unread emails to find the ones you’re looking for. Also, you should use this time as an opportunity to send any important emails that you haven’t yet already done, whether it’s reminders for your customers or feedback to co-workers. However, you may prefer to leave work completely alone and just focus on your personal emails and messages.

Tip #3 Listen to Playlists

If you want to zone out and relax, then you should listen to playlists. Lots of people are now customizing their own playlists specifically for long trips, which you should also do. It’s a smart idea to include songs that get you motivated and in the right state of mind for enjoying the convention or event, so think carefully about which ones you want to include. If you want some playlist inspiration, here are some pitchfork selects for you to listen to.

Tip #4 Watch a Movie

Depending on the length of your journey, you might have time to watch an entire movie. If not, there are also tons of Netflix shows that you can watch if you want something shorter and easier to digest. For the best possible experience, you should watch them on your tablet or laptop. However, you can also stream movies on your phone, but it’s recommended you use a phone stand so that you can place your phone in front of you.

Tip #5 Don’t Get Behind on Work

Finally, if you want to be really productive while traveling for a convention, you should use this time as the opportunity to ensure you don’t get behind on work. If you have booked the day off, for example, you don’t have to stress about your return, or if you work for yourself, you can ensure that you aren’t coming back to even more tasks and can then enjoy your time away at the event even more.

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