Shadow and Bone’s Virtual Fete

Published on 30 April 2021

Via zoom (10 a.m. PT)

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May 8th 2021
Online / Virtual Convention

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    1. Hello, I am probably too late, but I really love grishaverse books and also new Netflix series. It will be a pleasure for me to chat with a Shadow and bone cast!

    2. Меня зовут Елизавета , мне 19 лет. Я из России. Моя мечта – встретиться с кастом сериала “Тень и Кость”.
      Для меня “Тень и кость” – это не просто сериал или киновселенная, это невероятный мир. Я уверена, что для каста это тоже не просто актёрская игра , это жизнь. И мне безумно хочется обсудить то, как они эту жизнь проживают

    3. Hi, my name is Lera, I am from Ukraine. I really want to get to the event, because I was really looking forward to this series. Over the past months, I’ve been incredibly excited to see this adaptation. And when I was finally able to watch the show, I was incredibly surprised that the adaptation was amazing. Everything was perfect in it: the actors’ play, how they fit perfectly into the characters, special effects, locations … I hope I will have the opportunity to get to this event and chat with the cast. I would especially like to chat with Ben Barnes and Jessie Mei Li.
      Yours faithfully

    4. Hi my name is Paxi, I need to attend the event since I have waited for grishaverso for years, I am very alone in the fandom in my country and my friends don’t understand me, my boyfriend already looks at me strangely when I talk to him about grishaverso, please it would be a dream for me.

    5. Hello,

      I’m Joanna and I am obsessed with the Grishaverse (the whole thing, not just a singular book or trilogy). When Shadow and Bone first came out on Netflix I was scared that it wouldn’t be good but boy oh boy was I wrong. The show was so good that I finished it in half a day and on top of that, I think the actors did an amazing job at bringing my favourite characters to life. You can clearly tell that the cast works together very harmoniously and I admire that. There is so much amazing chemistry between the characters and it’s depicted very well on screen. I also love the fact that the main character is being portrayed by a gender-nonconforming person that is also neurodivergent and of Asian descent because it’s great to see people like me being represented in the media. Overall I have a lot of respect for the cast and admire them greatly, so I would be extremely honoured to be able to say hello and have a brief chat with them.

      Kind Regards,


    6. Hi! I’m Penelope, an italian girl. I got hooked on the saga by reading the books and then I saw the series and I liked it even more. I would like to meet the cast, it would be very important to me.

    7. Hey my name is Patricija and I’m from Slovenia. I’m a new member of the fandom and i absolutely love it here. It would mean the world to me to meet the cast of the beautiful series.

    8. Hi! I’m from Ukraine.And I was so excited with “Shadow and Bone” series! The aesthetics of this project are amazing! I would be grateful to see all cast! But mostly I want to talk to Ben!

    9. Hi! I’m from Russia. The aesthetics of my country’s tsarist time in the series are simply gorgeous, but even more gorgeous are the ACTORS and their great acting. I’ll be happy to talk to Ben, because this incredible man stole my cold Russian heart