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Retrieve Lois_13’s videos for the Fairy Tales 4

Retrieve Lois_13's videos for the Fairy Tales 4

Published on 26 June 2016 by - Crédit Photo : DR

During the conventions Fairy Tales, one of the awaited moments is the presentation of videos made by Lois_13. This year, her creations have delighted fans. We propose to discover them below (courtesy of the main interested).

Saturday’s Opening

Sunday’s Opening

Q&A Lana Parrilla

Q&A Lana Parrilla #2

Q&A Colin O’Donoghue, Rebecca Mader & Greg Germann

Q&A Colin O’Donoghue, Rebecca Mader & Liam Garrigan

Q&A Sean Maguire, Amy Manson & Greg Germann

Q&A Sean Maguire, Amy Manson & Liam Garrigan

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