Top 6 Educational Content From Netflix and Disney: Why Do They Do It?

Top 6 Educational Content From Netflix and Disney: Why Do They Do It?

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If you are in the mood for some enticing educational shows, then you are in for a treat! We compiled a list of Disney+ and Netflix educational TV content that won’t disappoint.

Are you tired of binge-watching random series just to pass the time? About 86% of millennials, 91% Generation Z, and 80% of Generation X claim to binge-watch TV shows. They can watch 6 episodes on average in one sitting.

But, when staying cooped up at home for too long, some people are worried about “rotting” their brains. So, they need educational TV content that’s just as fun and engaging, and it sharpens the mind. Whether you are still in school or planning your after-work activities, Netflix and Disney got you covered.

They have remarkable TV shows for development that are solid picks. We made a list of a couple of options that might be to your liking, including why these streaming services are showing them.


Disney+ is the home to all the Star Wars and Marvel blockbusters, making it a go-to choice for the younger generation. Any high school or university student will be eager to enjoy the treasures of the Disney+ library.

When it comes to education, it also has a plethora of educational TV content. Before you jump right into their impressive documentary and series collection, it is important to have all the homework finished. Some students turn to writing services for help. Back in the day, I too needed some assistance with my college assignments, so I would look for an essay writing service that I trust. Besides, having someone else write the work has its own merit.

You get to learn a valuable lesson on expanding vocabulary and broadening your prospects. Reading a professionally written piece can provide inspiration and ease the stress. Once you’ve done the homework, you get to watch all the TV shows for the development you like.

On Disney+, you can watch:

1. One Strange Rock – Hosted by Will Smith, this show delves deeper into an astronaut’s perspective. It provides the viewers with a novel appreciation for the rock that we live in. This is a great show for encouraging students to study.

2. Origins: Journey Through Humankind – From an early man to becoming dominant species, this show takes the path of showing humankind’s greatest achievements that led to who we are today.

3. Science Fair – Although not your typical documentary, this acclaimed film focuses on the journey of 9 high school students eager to obtain academic winnings. But, if you think winning the prize is the only thing that matters, then you got another thing coming!


Netflix, too has its fair share of TV shows for development. Their eye-opening and Oscar-nominated content is sure to keep you engaged. Then again, if you are still attending classes at University, then it is important not to go overboard with the series. Or you will disappoint your teacher.

Education should be your top priority. So, whenever you are done with the college paper, you can use your free time to watch some series. For those wondering if EduBirdie can write me a research paper, the answer is yes. When stuck on an assignment, no matter how hard or simple it may be, many students prefer asking writing services for help.

After all, compiling all that work in such a short time frame can feel extremely overwhelming. Not to even mention how hard it can be keeping up with classes and tons of homework at the same time. Nevertheless, once you are done writing, you can enjoy some of these series on Netflix:

1. Down to Earth With Zac Efron – The renowned Hollywood star is taking on the journey to explore sustainable and healthy ways to live.

2. 72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America – From flesh-melting vipers to mind-boggling arachnids, these series have it all.

3. Rotten – A docu series that delves into the heart of the food supply chain.

Final Thoughts

Educational series and shows have been with us for quite some time now. And it’s obvious why people make them. They boost awareness, education and always keep our minds open to exploration. They engage both students and adults alike. That’s why having something new to watch always makes for a worthwhile choice.

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