The Dropout, Better Call Saul: Kevin Sussman talks about his future projects

The Dropout, Better Call Saul: Kevin Sussman talks about his future projects

Photo: France Knaff / Roster Con

During the 30th edition of Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show, Kevin Sussman, Stuart in The Big Bang Theory, talked about his future projects. Let’s have a look.

If Kevin Sussman‘s panels during the 30th edition of Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show were the opportunity for the actor to talk about his experience in the series The Big Bang Theory, he also spoke about two of his upcoming projects.

The first one, The Dropout, is a miniseries scheduled to air in 2022 on Hulu and will revisit the scandal related to Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos. The young executive wanted to revolutionize the health system with a machine that would have made it possible to perform hundreds of blood tests from a drop of blood. All this quickly and at low cost. It turns out that the technology promoted by the executive, and which allowed her to become a billionaire, does not work and that the tests were outsourced to third-party laboratories.

In The Dropout, Kevin Sussman will play Mark Roessler, a scientist in charge of Theranos Laboratories. He will play with Amanda Seyfried, who portrays Elizabeth Holmes in the series.

The second project mentioned by Kevin Sussman during his panel is Better Call Saul, a series to be found on Netflix. The actor said that he should play in several episodes of the Breaking Bad spin-off when he returns to the United States. In what role? Kevin Sussman didn’t say.

As you can see, the unforgettable actor who played Stuart should be back on our screens in the coming months. In the meantime, it is still possible to (re)watch The Big Bang Theory on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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