Most Interesting Anime Gambling Characters

Anime continues to become more and more popular around the world. Characters can have all kinds of characteristics which make them appealing to fans of the genre.

Anime’s popularity has made it a very marketable product. We are seeing anime-themed slot games pop up at online casinos, anime-themed cosplay is growing and anime-themed just about anything else that you could possibly think of is available too.

There are even anime characters who are into gambling. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting anime gambling characters that are out there right now.

Stephanie Dola

From the series No Game No Life, our first pick for the most interesting anime gambling characters is Stephanie Dola.

English name for a anime star

While some people think Stephanie’s presence is little more than fan service, she has lots of keen supporters too.

Stephanie memorably gambled to become the queen of her country, though she is so emotional that she struggles to stay in control at the poker table.


While Tsunade tends to be very unlucky at the gambling table, the Naruto character has gained a large number of fans thanks to characteristics such as her strength and her specialism in medical ninjutsu.

Tsunade’s unerring ability to lose all of her money at the gambling table makes her famous among gambling circles in the world of Naruto.

Although Tsunade looks like she is still a young woman, she is actually an older lady.

Yumeko Jabami

No list of the most interesting anime characters who are into gambling could be complete without Yumeko Jabami, who is the lead character in Kakegurui.

Yumeko is a compulsive gambler who is certainly not afraid of calling out when others are cheating in the games that are being bet on.

This fearless attitude makes her a very popular character across the anime community.


Like Yumeko, there is not really any doubt that Paulie – who has a relatively minor role in One Piece – has something of a gambling problem.

Among the foremen who are employed at the Galley-La Company, Paulie often gets into financial problems as a result of making poor decisions around gambling.

Faye Valentine

Cowboy Bebop star Faye Valentine is an unforgettable anime character, having spent more than half a century of her life in a state of suspended animation.

The female bounty hunter is one of the most important people in Cowboy Bebop, with her love of money leading her to take part in gambling.

Sometimes known as Lady Luck – an ironic nickname as like Tsunade she tends to lose when she gambles – Faye Valentine owes money to countless people.

Celestia Ludenberg

High school student Celestia Ludenberg is a character in Danganronpa who is known for gambling – indeed she is known as the Ultimate Gambler.

Celestia became successful in the underground gambling scene partly due to her strong skill for lying, while this led Hope’s Peak Academy scout Koichi Kizakura to notice her.

The rest was history for Celestia Ludenberg as a result of her gambling habit.

Yami Sukehiro

Next up is Yami Sukehiro, who was initially a fairly minor character in Black Clover but stepped up to take a much more important role in Black Clover Gaiden: Quartet Knights.

The gambler is known for his abilities as a sword fighter and for his elemental powers, as well as for his memorable facial hair. Magna Swing is usually Yami’s partner when he has the craving to go gambling.

Mary Saotome

Back to Kakegurui now, with Mary Saotome also making the cut in our list of the most interesting anime gambling characters.

Mary is known for challenging Yumeko and is famous for her cruel taunts against her opponents when going head to head in a gambling match.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler sees Mary’s cruelty come to the fore even more, when she wins a poker match against Ryota Suzui and earns a huge sum of money as a result.


Our last pick is Kaiji, who regularly tries to make money fast but fails. He is a poor gambler and usually loses a lot of money whenever he tries to win cash in this manner.

Appearing in his own series and a film that came out in 2009, Kaiji’s gambling habit is a major part of his character and helps anime fans to feel more sympathetic towards him.

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