Dungeons and Dragons: a series in preparation with John Wick’s writer

Dungeons and Dragons: a series in preparation with John Wick's writer

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While Paramount is developing a new Dungeons and Dragons movie with Chris Pine, Hasbro/eOne has decided to also offer a live-action series according to The Hollywood Reporter.

To develop this new project, the publisher of the famous role-playing game decided to ask Derek Kolstad, the writer of the John Wick saga. He has also co-created and signed scripts for the Die Hart series and is part of the writing team for the upcoming Marvel series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

At the moment, it is not specified whether this series in development will be directly linked to Paramount’s film. In any case, Hasbro/eOne plans to expand the universe of Dungeons and Dragons beyond these two projects since Hollywood Reporter says that other writers have been hired to work on other projects taking place in this fantasy universe.

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