Guests Events has closed down

Guests Events has closed down

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Last night (Friday, October 21, 2016) Guests Events has made official what everyone thought for several days: the closing of the organization and therefore the canceling of all conventions scheduled for late 2016 and 2017.

The rumor was present for several months on the internet after multiple defections of actors due to unpaid fees but also because of non-repayment of fans after the cancellation of the convention “Magic is Coming.” Thursday, October 20, the Guests Events announced on Facebook a statement. This status left no doubt about the announcement to come and many fans have wondered why it had not been made sooner even if some optimists still hoped that this news would bring good news.

This Friday, October 21 (after having closed their Twitter account and made their Instagram account private) Guests Events announced the cessation of their business following the accumulation of debt (in addition to actors, many providers had complained of not being paid) and an unexpected tax audit (which is always the case for companies that brews a lot of money). In this announcement, which you can find here, the creators of Guests Events state that the coffers are empty. They didn’t mention the repayment options available to fans following the money lost.
What about refunds?

On the issue of repayment, many actions are taken. If the Company is placed in liquidation, the refund will be difficult to obtain. If you file a complaint, it is advisable to regroup so that your action can have more weight. For this you can join this particular group : to track different actions but also to get closer to fans in the same situation as you.

You can also answer the following survey which allows to monitor the money collected by the organizers and therefore the reimbursement to the fans: / viewform.

A petition is also available online with already more than 1500 signatories:

In France, if there is liquidation of the company, you can contact your bank, it may be possible to make objection under Article L133.17 of the Monetary and Financial Code: “When the payment is made by a payment card issued […] it’s possible to opposed to the payment in case of reorganization proceeding or judicial liquidation of the beneficiary ”

In addition, fans informed newspapers about the case in order to not remain unanswered. Julien Courbet is already dealing with the case as confirmed by his tweet this morning.

Stéphane Larue is also on the case.

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