Walker Stalker Con – Portland (2019)


Published on 8 March 2018 - Last update : 18 December 2018


Practical information

January 5th 2019 to January 6th 2019
Oregon Convention Center, Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland, Oregon, États-Unis
32 € minimum

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  1. So, I had signed up for the WalkerStalker Con that was supposed to be in Portland at the beginning of this year, the first weekend of January. Two weeks before the event, I get an email from the organizers of the event saying that the convention was cancelled and that refunds were going to be processed ASAP. Didn’t see my refund. Then, I get another email later in January saying that the Convention was “rescheduled” for later this year in November, but if you couldn’t go, email the organizers by a certain date saying you can’t go and your refund would be processed. I emailed and I think that was the only time I ever got a response from someone saying my money for my ticket that I purchased LAST YEAR would be refunded back to me. Still have yet to see my refund. And now I just learned about a week or two ago that the reschedule date for this convention has been cancelled YET AGAIN for unknown reasons and that tickets would still be getting refunded.

    It has been 4 months now that this WalkerStalker Con in Portland was originally announced as cancelled and I have yet to still see my refund for my ticket. I’m at a loss as to what to do and I’ve been trying to email these organizers to no avail. Any phone number that’s listed on their website does not work. I need some help or suggestions as to what I can do to get my money back because I paid a lot of money to attend this event and the fact that it’s been cancelled twice for no reason is absurd and also very unprofessional.

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